Andreina Bates

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Andreina Bates
Andreina ("Andre-eena"), is an expressionist artist living in South Florida. She grew up in the
beautiful city of Caracas in Venezuela and went to school in Manhattan Kansas ("The Little
Apple".) As a little girl, she was always curious. Andreina loved science and solving
"problems". That led her to a career as an Industrial Engineer. There are a lot of parallels
between science and arts...and when she paints she can feel both sides of her brain in perfect
Larger than life paintings, gestural marks, bold brushstrokes and a love for color are
characteristic to all of her pieces. She paints letting her heart lead, but also looking for
balance and energy in each composition. From simplistic figure paintings to landscapes,
Andreina loves exploring new subjects.
Her father, an avid painter from the Basque region, introduced her to the art of Sumi-e. Her
mother, originally from Zaragoza, operates a gallery in Venezuela that supports established and
emerging Latin American artists. Both have influenced her strongly as an artist.